LOULE M30 Wireless Bluetooth Headset/Headphones/Earbuds

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LOULE M30 Wireless Bluetooth Headset, Bluetooth 5.0 Chip, 400 Mah Charging Box, Low Power Consumption, High Fidelity Sound Quality, Noise Reduction Headset.

  • Long-lasting battery life: This Bluetooth headset has a 400 mAh charging box, which can charge both earbuds for 3-4 times. A single charge can make the earbuds last for 5-6 hours, so there is no need to worry about power shortages.
  • Bluetooth 5.0: This Bluetooth headset uses the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, which greatly improves the transmission speed, and provides a low-latency listening experience, and enjoy the wonderful world of music.
  • High-definition sound quality: M30 wireless Bluetooth headset supports ACC connection, deep bass and crystal crisp treble can produce incredible sound quality. The built-in high-quality noise reduction technology chip can block a lot of noise around running, sports, jogging and so on.
  • High-definition call: This bluetooth headset supports call noise reduction to achieve binaural calls to improve call quality. Open the charging box cover, the Bluetooth headsets will automatically open and pair with each other, close the charging box, they will automatically close and charge
  • Voice control: You can wake up the voice assistant intelligently through the wireless Bluetooth headset, you can directly use this function to direct the intelligent service assistant to the mobile phone while driving, so that your driving is easier, convenient and safer
  • Condition : new, never used, opened & checked.
  • Package Included: Earphones*2, charging compartment, charging cable, Ear cap*2 pairs, instruction manual.


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